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Why does my domestic helper seem exhausted constantly?

Having a full-time maid can greatly benefit a household. Maid services in Singapore offer a dependable solution for busy employers, particularly in families with young children or elderly members. Over time, as the helper becomes accustomed to household chores and routines, she may even become capable of managing tasks independently.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to periodically review the helper’s schedule to ensure her well-being. If your helper appears fatigued most of the time, it’s worth investigating. Unfortunately, it’s been noted that domestic helpers are susceptible to the strain of overwork. In situations where helpers are balancing caregiving duties with household chores, some end up working an average of 14.5 hours daily. This not only leads to physical ailments such as headaches and body aches but also emotional exhaustion, hindering their ability to focus and perform effectively.

Ultimately, only when the helper is adequately rested can she perform her duties optimally. To address this issue, we recommend regulating the helper’s work and rest hours. Employers can consider the nature of caregiving responsibilities and implement shifts accordingly. This approach ensures better safety and care for your loved ones. You may devise a schedule yourself or seek guidance from your agency for an effective solution. As a professional maid agency in Singapore, Jayamaids Maid Employment Agency prioritizes the needs of its customers. We provide assistance to clients and helpers alike in any employment-related situation.

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Why does my housekeeper seem exhausted constantly?
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