Welcome to Jayamaids

Having supplied domestic maids to over 20 agencies and to over 30,000 satisfied customers in Singapore, we are able to understand your specific requirements and are well equipped to provide you with the right candidate based on your needs. Having our own recruitment and training centres in Central Java (Cilacap) ensures that our domestic helpers are able to adapt to the local requirements in the shortest period of time.

All our domestic helpers are specially selected and trained, and possess the adequate skill sets to deliver proper domestic services to their employers.

We will help you with all the rules involved with MOM and will undertake all the necessary paperwork.

Available @ Three Branches

We have three different locations as listed above. Go ahead and give us a call TODAY to find out more about our promotions and offer prices.

Also, with our custom “Maid Search” page, you can choose a maid with your specific requirements and just notify us with the maid name and ID in order for us to take things further, faster!