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Preparing Your Home for a New Domestic Helper

Preparing your home for a new domestic helper? Then, you need to keep certain things in your mind to ensure a smooth transition. First you will have to contact the best maid agency in Singapore to hire a new domestic help. Once you have done that, you will need some thoughtful preparation and effective communication. By creating a comfortable environment and setting clear expectations, you have to establish a positive working relationship. Before hiring a maid, make sure that you know and fulfill all legal requirements set by the MOM (Ministry of Manpower) in Singapore.


Here is a comprehensive guide for you that you can follow if you are looking for a new maid:

Clear communication

Before the arrival of your maid, you have to have an open conversation with her about the responsibilities. Make sure that you clearly mention the tasks and work hours too. It is better if you are clear and transparent about your preferences and needs. This will help you to avoid any misunderstandings. According to the MOM regulations, you have to clearly define the work schedules as well as the rest days to your domestic help.

Living arrangements

If you are hiring a maid to be with you 24-hour a day, then you have to provide living arrangements for her too. It is important to provide a private, comfortable, and clean living space for the domestic helper. Furnish it with all the essential amenities, such as storage space and bed. When they rest well, they can perform well too.

Introduce her to family dynamics

When you are hiring a maid from the maid agency in Hougang area, you have to share the insights about your family dynamics, routines, and particular habits. It can help the helper to know and understand the atmosphere of your household better.

Talk about the house rules

One thing that you have to be clear about is the house rules. You have to guide the maid properly by letting her know about the rules of your house. These include the cleaning procedure, routines of laundry, usage of the appliances, and arrangements for meals. But when discussing the rules, it is important to be considerate and reasonable of both the parties.

Cultural Sensitivity

Singapore is a diverse country with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Learn about the culture of your helper and be sensitive to their practices and traditions as well. It is better to encourage an open discussion for fostering mutual understanding.


With the help of these guidelines, you and your family can ensure a respectful and positive environment for your new domestic helper in Singapore. You can contact the Jayamaids maid employment agency for hiring a professional, efficient, and licensed maid for your house. Jayamaids Employment Agency is located in Hougang in Singapore. But before you finalize a new domestic help, make sure that you keep the above-mentioned 5 things in mind. It is important to set expectations straight and prepare your home to welcome a new domestic helper. This way, you both can get benefitted from each other.

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