Is Age a Consideration When Hiring a Maid in Singapore?

Is Age a Consideration When Hiring a Maid in Singapore?

Certainly, there are several factors to consider based on your specific needs when hiring a helper, including age-related considerations.

What is the main requirement your family needs to fulfill by hiring a helper?

What is your family’s primary need to be met by hiring a helper?

If your intention is to care for a newborn, an older helper may bring more experience, especially if she has previously cared for children of similar ages during her employment abroad.

However, if you are open to hiring a younger helper who has experience raising her own child from infancy and is willing to assist with night feedings and undergo training, then a younger helper may also meet your hiring criteria.

Similarly, if your family requires a helper capable of communicating at a slower pace to care for an elderly member, you might consider whether a middle-aged helper could facilitate comfortable communication and help the elderly individual feel more at ease during caregiving.

On the other hand, if you prefer a younger helper with relevant experience in elderly care, adept at adjusting to the elderly’s temperament and possessing ample energy to provide daytime care.

What are some of the most challenging aspects of your helper’s responsibilities?

Before finalizing the hiring process, carefully assess your helper’s prospective duties and daily agenda.

Will her tasks entail ascending multiple floors to perform rigorous household cleaning duties on a daily basis? If so, how frequently do you anticipate her cleaning routine (and which specific areas of the house)? Clearly outline the scope of work to her. Given that housekeeping demands significant physical exertion, is this level of activity within her capabilities?

Additionally, take into account her age. Could age become a factor in the near future? Providing your helper with a clear picture of her expected daily schedule can aid in making an informed decision about whether she is well-suited for the role in your household.

Moreover, if she deems herself suitable for the position in your home, what age range aligns with your personal preferences in terms of suitability?

Conduct a candid interview with your selected helper(s).

If you’re interviewing an older helper for potential employment, it’s considerate to inquire about her preferred form of address.

You may also inquire whether she has changed jobs in the past due to age-related concerns. It’s important to provide a comprehensive explanation of the job responsibilities from the outset.

Additionally, you could ask if she has encountered situations in previous roles that led to job changes, and if so, what were the reasons?

By mentally assessing if any of these reasons were age-related, you can better evaluate her suitability for the position in your household.

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