What is the duration of my maid's day off?

What is the duration of my maid's day off?

To ensure your maid receives adequate mental and physical rest, MOM suggests providing her with one regular day off per week. However, if your maid consents to work on her rest days, you are obligated to compensate her with at least one day’s salary.

Employers often inquire about calculating one day’s salary for compensation when the maid works on her rest day. The calculation is straightforward: divide your helper’s monthly basic salary by 26 days to determine the daily rate that must be paid as compensation.

What are the matters to be discussed before your maid takes her rest day of choice?

Agreements for Your Maid’s Days Off

  1. Determine the designated Rest Day:

    • The rest day need not strictly be on a Sunday.
    • Coordinate schedules to select a day mutually convenient for both parties.
  2. Define Departure and Return Times:

    • While there’s no set rule, ensure your maid has ample time for rest, ideally around 8 consecutive hours, according to MOM guidelines.
  3. Plan for Rest Day Activities:

    • If choosing to stay at home, she should refrain from work-related tasks.
    • If opting to go out, she’s free to spend the day as she wishes.
    • However, it’s crucial to remind her that engaging in any form of additional work, known as moonlighting, is prohibited as per Singapore regulations


To prevent conflicts between you and your maid, it’s strongly advised to document your agreement regarding her off-days.

On her initial off-day excursion, provide clear directions for navigating to her destination and returning home.

This guidance is particularly helpful if she’s unfamiliar with transportation in Singapore or your neighborhood. It aids her in acclimating and planning her day, ensuring she can return home at the agreed-upon time.

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