6 Household Cleaning Tips To Simplify Your Life

6 Household Hacks to Simplify Your Life

Balancing the demands of Singapore’s rapid-paced lifestyle can pose challenges, particularly when juggling a hectic corporate life, tending to children’s needs, and still needing to allocate time for household chores. If your daily schedule feels overwhelming, consider these six housekeeping hacks to simplify your life.

  1. Press Your Clothes While Slightly Moist
    Recall the moment when your child urgently required an extra set of school uniforms, yet the only available one was still drying on the line? In such situations, remind yourself that waiting for the clothes to completely dry is unnecessary. Ironing clothes becomes notably easier when they are slightly damp. The process of ironing thoroughly dried garments can be more laborious due to set-in creases, requiring additional time to smooth out wrinkles. When clothes retain some dampness, the ironing process is streamlined, eliminating the need for water or starch. It also facilitates a smoother removal of creases.
6 Household Hacks to simplify your life

2. Cleanse Soiled Utensils in a Spacious Basin

For individuals without a dishwasher or the assistance of hired help from a maid agency in Singapore, washing dishes can become one of the most daunting household tasks. Not only is it a routine chore after every meal, but it also involves a diverse array of dirty dishes, ranging from large utensils to small cutlery and cups. To streamline this process, consider washing dishes in a large tub. Fill the tub with water and soap, submerge all the dishes to allow them to soak and remove dirt, and then rinse each item individually under a flowing tap.

3. Opt for Vinegar in Cleaning

Numerous cost-effective housekeeping tricks can be found, and one notable hack involves substituting vinegar for traditional cleaning detergents. Through research, you’ll unveil vinegar as a potent cleaning agent, highly effective in eliminating even the most persistent stains. For instance, microwaving a blend of vinegar and water proves effective in loosening stains and residues, facilitating easier cleaning and imparting a fresh scent to the microwave. Additionally, combining vinegar with olive oil becomes a useful solution for tackling liquid stains on wooden furniture, revitalizing its original appearance.

4. Eliminate Tough Stove Grease Using Baking Soda

Baking soda proves to be an excellent cleaning agent due to its mild alkalinity, facilitating the effortless dissolution of dirt and grease. Given its non-toxic nature, baking soda is highly suitable as a household cleaner. A particularly effective application of this cleaning agent is on the stove, typically marred by food residues and grease. Just sprinkle baking soda on the affected areas, followed by a light mist of water. Allow the mixture to sit for an hour before wiping it down.

5. Craft Your Own Toilet and Sink Cleaners

Did you know that you can concoct natural toilet cleaners from simple ingredients? For a toilet bowl scrub, blend one cup of baking soda with a few drops of tea tree oil and either lemon or orange essential oil. This homemade cleaning scrub will efficiently leave your toilet bowl sparkling clean. Alternatively, experiment with a combination of baking soda, along with drops of lemon and basil essential oils, and dish soap. This blend serves as an ideal cleaner for toilet sinks and bathtubs, not only ensuring cleanliness but also leaving a delightful fragrance behind.

6. Eliminate Pet Fur Using Rubber Gloves

If your vacuum cleaner falls short in tackling your pet’s fur, worry not – a simple solution involves using rubber gloves. By donning the gloves and gliding them across surfaces like your sofa, curtains, and any fabric coverings that harbor fur, you can effectively get the job done. The friction generated between the glove and the fabric creates a static charge, causing light debris such as pet hair and lint to adhere to the gloves.

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