Settling In Programme (SIP) for new helpers

Settling-in Programme (SIP) for first-time helpers

Read this guide for information on Settling-in Programme (SIP) for new helpers.

You must enroll a first-time migrant domestic worker (MDW) in the Settling-in Programme within seven days of her arrival in Singapore, excluding Sundays and public holidays.

What is the Settling-in Programme (SIP)?

The Settling-in Programme (SIP) is a one-day orientation session designed for first-time helpers to familiarize them with safety measures and life in Singapore.

The covered areas include:

  • Adjusting to life and work in Singapore
  • Terms of employment
  • Safety protocols for work
  • Managing relationships and stress

Register for SIP

It is recommended to register your helper for the SIP promptly to secure a training slot within 7 days of her arrival in Singapore, excluding Sundays and public holidays.
Documents Required

When your helper attends the SIP training center, you must provide the following documents:

  • In-principle approval (IPA) letter (complete set)
  • Helper’s passport
  • A duplicate of helper’s educational certificate
  • A copy of helper’s digital arrival card issued by ICA

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