Jayamaids Services

Recruitment of Indonesian maids
– We are the largest supplier of maids from central Java/Indonesia.
– All our domestic helpers are specially selected and trained, and possess the adequate skill sets to deliver proper domestic services to their employers.

Work permit application for maids
– We assist with all applications of work permits via WP Online, or by manual application via SingPost. 

Purchase of Banker’s Guarantee & Insurance for maids
– Jayamaids will assist employersin purchasing the medical insurance with coverage of at least $15,000 and personal accident insurance with a minimum coverage of$40,000.

Direct hiring
– Processing in Singapore and country of origin will all be handled by our experienced staff.

Medical Checkup
– The medical examination screens the helper for 4 types of infectious disease (tuberculosis, HIV, syphilis and malaria), and checks if she is fit to work. 

Renewal of passport & work permit
– We will help to renew the domestic helper’s work permit before it expires – and will also provide home service for passport renewals. 

Free cancellation of work permit
– Cancellation of their work permit is needed when the FDW is terminated within the work permit validity period, or the work permit expires. 
Arrangement of air ticket
– We help with the booking of air tickets to all parts of Indonesia for the FDW at competitive prices.