How to extend the Work Permit for your Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) in Singapore?

There are essentially two methods to accomplish this task: either enlist the services of a maid agency such as ours, Jaya Maids, or undertake the process independently.

1) Using a maid agency for your maid’s Work Permit renewal:
This option is straightforward and convenient, particularly for busy employers who may prefer to delegate this responsibility to an agency, albeit incurring an administrative fee.

2) Renewing your maid’s Work Permit by yourself:
Begin by ensuring your maid is willing to extend her employment contract for another two years. Discuss any adjustments to her salary, days off, or other terms. Given the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, consider negotiating compensation for unused days off, as it may be advisable to limit outings unless essential tasks, such as remitting money to family, necessitate time off.

The next step involves securing affordable maid insurance. Opting for independent renewal grants you access to a wider selection of insurance options. Conduct a quick online search for cost-effective plans, or return to your maid agency for assistance in acquiring a new policy.

Lastly, proceed to the Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) website equipped with your insurance policy, credit card for the renewal fee, and SingPass credentials for login. Renewal typically begins about eight weeks before your maid’s Work Permit expires, prompted by a renewal letter from MOM.

For maids requiring medical examinations, ensure to upload the completed medical examination form as stipulated in the renewal notice.

MOM recommends transferring maids to new employers instead of repatriating them to their home countries, which not only saves on repatriation costs but also aids families struggling to recruit new maids from overseas. Should you choose to transfer your maid, contact us for assistance. Additionally, if there is availability, we may offer accommodation and meals while she seeks new employment, benefiting all parties involved.

It’s crucial to note that renewing the Work Permit late incurs liability for the maid’s levy after expiry, along with potential penalties or fines. Therefore, renew the Work Permit as early as possible.

If circumstances prevent timely renewal, you can request a short extension from MOM. For extension requests, click here.

Should you decide to find a new maid, whether due to her desire to work for another family or return home for a break, we are available to assist in finding a suitable replacement for your family.

Chat with us via Whatsapp us today and we will assist with any enquiries.

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