When Employers can be debarred from hiring maids in Singapore

At Jayamaids, we fully understand that our valued customers are marked safe in terms of complying with the Government rules and regulations and that they do not end up in any legal trouble, which is very unlikely when you hire maid in Singapore through proper channel and upholding the guidelines of MOM. However, as a responsible Maid Agency in Singapore, we feel it necessary to keep our customers well informed about certain important aspects in the best interest of both; the employers and the maids in Singapore.

If you are planning to hire a maid in Singapore / Foreign Domestic Worker, as an employer of FDW, you are expected to comply with rules and regulations of the Ministry of Manpower and the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act. It is the discretion of MOM whether an employer shall be debarred while under investigation of breach of law or convicted for any offence.

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It is essential to understand and comply with the Work Permit Conditions failing which, an employer is likely to invite legal trouble. At Jayamaids, we advise all our valued customers as to what are the requirements that they have to meet before hiring a maid in Singapore. While we are always there to help, we encourage our customers to read the MOM website to ensure that they are informed about Government norms.

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Jayamaids is a certified maid agency in Singapore that can handle all your concerns and help you hire not only the best suitable maid for your requirements but also comply with MOM rules. You may call any of the four branches of Jayamaids to Hire Maid in Singapore.

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