The Safe Helping Hands

When you hire maid in Singapore for the first time, you are likely to be anxious about your precious items at home; as to how the maid will handle them while cleaning. It is understandable that you expect not only helping hands but safe hands. As you hire a Foreign Domestic Helper, you may be little worried whether she will understand your instructions due to language or cultural barriers if any.

But hey! We have our own Recruiting and Training Centres, based in Central Java where we train the domestic helpers to be able to adapt to Singapore’s society as fast as possible! Because we understand that having a reliable maid is uppermost on your mind, that is why our specially designed training ensure that you can have the best at home!

You may also want to know that we at Jayamaids believe in highest transparency when we deal with our valued customers. Trust of our valued customers had helped us bag several national and international awards making Jayamaids not only an award winning maid agency in Singapore but the ‘most reliable maid agency’ as our clients say.

Note: This Blog is an effort only to educate and encourage our new clients about our services based on our experiences and client testimonies as well as government rules. Nothing mentioned in this blog guarantees any service. For more details, contact Jayamaids.

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