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Having an extra pair of helping hands around to take away the constant worry and burden of housework really allows us to focus on getting better at work and spend more time with family, friends and have private time for ourselves. Of course, this luxury comes with a cost, however minimal and affordable through Jayamaids – award winning Maid Agency in Singapore .

You may not want to believe that over 253,800 work permits were given out till December 2018 to Foreign Domestic Workers (Maids). But that’s absolutely true! Isn’t it a huge number for the 5.6 million Singapore Population? Well, that showcases the necessity and importance of maids in Singapore. Hiring a maid was earlier a luxury, but with the growing demand; it has become a necessity.

With the increase in demand for maids, it’s natural that we would see an increase in maid agencies too. This is where the customers are getting anxious and are researching a lot about what is the best maid agency in Singapore and an affordable service, of course.

While we prefer not talking sick about our competition; here is what a valued customer had to say about us on QUORA.Com, a popular website for questions and reviews. The question asked was “what is the best maid agency in Singapore“.

” Undoubtedly, Jayamaids is the best maid agency in Singapore that we’ve seen so far. I was recommended by a friend who used their services and based on their recommendation, we opted them. 4 years of service, no complaints at all. “

If you’re looking to engage a cost effective and best agency in Singapore, be informed that we’ve announced latest offer of 12 Months Installment *(Agency fees included), 0% Interest and personalized special offers depending on your specific requirements.

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