Rest Day for Maids in Singapore – When, why and how?

hire maids in singaporeWe all work and we take break to refresh ourselves, relax and spend time in our social works. Maids in Singapore play a significant role in the lives of many families by helping them manage household works. Hence, the well being of domestic helpers has a direct impact on the quality of work done by them. However, Ministry of Manpower (MOM) allows you to compensate your Foreign Domestic Helpers with extra pay if the FDW agrees to work on the day of her rest.

The regulation is applicable to all the FDWs hired after 1 January 2013 and is expected to attract more quality and experienced FDWs to work in Singapore. MOM has dome a comprehensive review of the FDW management framework, including a study of the major FDW destinations worldwide1, consultations NGOs, Domestic Helpers in and around source countries.

In certain cases where you may genuinely need every day service of the FDW and are unable to give a rest day, you can check if you are eligible for the new $120 monthly FDW grant announced by the government.

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Please note that the MOM rules are subject to change, hence you advice you to check MOM website for updates or talk to us to ensure you comply all the rules. At Jayamaids, one of the noted Maid Agencies in Singapore, we train our Maids at our own training centers and also give a thorough counseling for all the concerned / first time employers.

Contact any of our Branches today to know how to Hire a Maid in Singapore, and what are the rules involved while hiring FDWs in Singapore. One of our friendly staff will assist you 🙂

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