Reliable Maid Agency in Singapore

Let us be honest, no maid agency in Singapore or elsewhere in the world can ‘Guarantee’ that they will supply ‘perfect maids’. It is for a simple reason of compatibility between the employer and employee is not always the same due to various factors, viz., culture, backgrounds, mindsets and daily habits when it comes to domestic helpers.

Our valued customers has always called Jayamaids a reliable maid agency in Singapore┬ábecause our aim is to provide you the ‘best suitable maid’ per your needs rather than sending any qualified maid in our list. In other words, meeting your expectations and requirements is our motto as we not only offer service but the trust we’ve built over years among our valued customers.

Our awards speaks! Thankfully, Jayamaids has bagged several excellence awards over years which is continuing to keep our reliability in this industry. Checkout this quick and exclusive video. Should you have any questions about Hiring Maids in Singapore, call any of our branches. One of our friendly staff will assist you with the process.

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