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At Jayamaids, we understand that Hiring a maid service in Singapore requires not only trust but confidence that your home is in the safe hands. If you directly hire maid in Singapore without an agency, what would you probably want to do before hiring? You would want to know that the Maid you hire is screened and preferentially experienced before entering your home. Isn’t it?

Well, though you may want to be assured about the maid, it is not always possible at an individual level. That’s exactly where our services are helpful and that’s why our esteemed customers rely on us. At Jayamaids, we have an established screening process, our own training centers to train the new maids (which means, every maid you hire will gain relevant experience at our training centers if they are not experienced already). You are likely to realize, like all our existing customers, that it is not a tough task as it is to hire maids in Singapore when you rely on Jayamaids – Award Winning Maid Agency in Singapore

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Compliance with Ministry of Manpower is a prerequisite to hire a Foreign Domestic Worker in Singapore. Our friendly yet expert staff members will help you with the paper work and ease your process while complying with the MOM rules. All you have to do is relax and plan tasks to assign to your professional Domestic Worker.

Contact any of our three branches today to hire maid in Singapore. Our friendly staff are available to assist you 🙂

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