Protection of Employers against Heavy Medical Bills of Foreign Maids

Employers are responsible for the upkeep of their foreign work permit holders including medical treatments. At the same time, employers also likely to have certain limitations on spending for heavy medical bills of their Maids in Singapore during their employment.

It is due to this same reason, Ministry of Manpower has set such reasonable rules in the best interest of Employers as well as the Foreign Domestic Workers and to avoid delay in treatment due to lack of money with either the parties.

At Jayamaids, we do understand the importance and interest of our valued customers in controlling the costs. With an effort to help our valued customers, we are continually working on reducing certain costs upon our customers.

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The employers are required to purchase medical insurance plans with a minimum coverage of $15,000 per year. Employers who wish to be better protected against large medical bills can opt for insurance plans with higher coverage. However, you may want to know that 96% of medical cases of the Foreign Domestic Workers were less than $15,000. Which means, there is only 4% chance that some employers may have to spend more than the insurance cover. Of course, there are also alternate measures taken depending on the situation to manage the heavy medical bills.

In a statement issued by the MOM recently, the ministry has said “We will need to balance the assurance of increased insurance coverage with keeping premiums affordable for employers. While providing relief to employers in genuine need, we must also be mindful to prevent over-consumption of services in our public healthcare system.”

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