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hire maids in singaporeTo Hire maids in Singapore is not only easy when you seek help of a professional maid agency in Singapore, but also affordable; giving more reasons to make Singapore a home. While most of the singles or couples without children help themselves, many families prefer to hire maid in Singapore to help with cooking, childcare, elderly care etc.,

Foreign domestic helpers / Maids in Singapore come here to work from the MOM approved countries and follow the guidelines set by the ministry. Most of the maids who comes work in Singapore are not just hard-working and reliable but also support their families back home.

When you hire maid in Singapore, you should comply with all the rules framed by Ministry of Man power. You may hire maid in Singapore without an agency as well, but you have to be familiar with the process and learn about the cases such; how do you handle paper work, if you wish to transfer maid/ change maid – what is the process involved and costs etc., Hence, to help you comply with all the legal framework, we at Jayamaids , one of the top maid agencies in Singapore offer a wide range of services.

Employers Guide
Work Permit for foreign domestic worker

As a part of our continued efforts to help our esteemed customers, to make the process easy, we have listed down a simple guide to help you shortlist Maid in Singapore. Click here to read more. If you are planning to hire maid in Singapore, contact us today – one of our friendly staff will assist you with the hiring process.

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