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Helping hands is very essential for daily chores in this busy life and for that you require the help of a maid especially when you are working and having someone back home who may need external help. But you cannot just get any maid; you may have to hire a professional worker from a reputed maid agency in Singapore to ensure that the maid will not be an added burden instead.

Caring for people with disabilities takes a caring person who has a lot of time and is very patient. For a variety of people, their disabilities were caused by such events as accidents, injuries, birth defects , age or diseases. These events result in a temporary or lifetime disability. As a result, their life style is completely changed from what it was before. There are several advantages you receive when you hire domestic worker from a maid agency in Singapore, like us, the Jayamaids to help any differently abled person at home.

Takes care of the routine: 
Being differently abled and taking care of themselves is not so easy. In such scenario, it becomes difficult for the disabled people to eat, change dress or using the washrooms (often slippery). Having a domestic helper is thus very advantageous to ensure that your loved ones do not miss out anything.

Emergency care:  
We can’t predict when can anyone need some emergency help. Even the healthy people may need some emergency help sometimes. For disabled people, it becomes our duty to ensure that proper care/attention is there for them in case of emergencies. This can only be done when someone are specially engaged for them like a domestic helper.

Keep a track / Medicines on time:
Disabilities are not always permanent with the modern technology. However, before a person restores his/her complete health, maintaining their medical history and providing medecines on time are very essential aspects. As a working professional or having other household works, you may strongly consider hiring maid in Singapore to help you take care of your loved ones.

The necessities of the individual with a disability are going further than just their physical inabilities. They need a strong moral support and always be assured that a responsible person is always there with them. At Jayamaids, we train our maids in such a way that the domestic worker must realize and be understanding of each of these needs. Of course, caring for people with disabilities is challenging and will require some time to learn. Be assured, that all the maids at Jayamaids (who opt for disabled care) are well experienced and sensitive in care.

Use our exclusive Maid Search Database where the maid profile consists of their skills such as elderly care or disabled care. If you need some more help and are concerned about hiring a maid with specific skills, please feel free to call any of our branches today – we shall provide you with the right maid in Singapore.

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