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Fast-paced lifestyles, tight schedules and a lack of free time are the major reasons that may lead you to hire a maid service in Singapore to handle critical house cleaning duties. However, it is likely that you have specific criteria about the maid service and the maids you hire as well.

Many of our customers ask us details about the maids over the phone. Hence, Jayamaids brings to you a maid database which is enabled with user friendly Maid Search functionality. The Database is frequently updated based on maid’s availability. You can read complete details about the maids in this database and select maid who suits your requirement. All you have to do is to get to the Singapore Maid Search page, chose your options and click the search button.

Here is a sample of paid profiles that we upload for your quick review of the maid skills and history. Of course, should there be anything else that you may want to ask about any maid, our friendly staff is always ready to assist you. Pick up your phone and call any of our branches now to Hire Maids in Singapore

Click the below image to reach the Singapore Maids Search page.

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