Maid Interview questions when you Hire Maids in Singapore

Domestic Helpers in Singapore are of great help for families living here in Singapore, assisting in various household chores like cooking, cleaning, taking care of kids and elders at home etc., household helper reduces domestic chores and stress on the employer with a little additional cost.

Before you hire maid in Singapore, it is very essential to know the guidelines set by Ministry of Manpower to protect both; employee and employer.  Most of the maids in Singapore are from Indonesia, Philippines, and Malaysia etc.  Maids from the countries approved by the MOM are known to be reliable, and most of them are supporting their families back home.

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While we help our customers to understand and comply with the MOM rules, we also train our maids to comply with the employer criteria at work. However, one small yet significant way to decide which maid to hire in Singapore, here is a quick list of questions you may ask at the time of interview.

Please note, Jayamaids – reliable Maid Agency in Singapore for more than decade lets you to interview your domestic helper before you hire them.

  1. Ask her key areas of expertise like cooking, cleaning, child care, elderly care
  2. Check her communication skills. Beware at this step, expect the basics, not too much of language skills. ‘Manageable’ skills are essential especially if you are looking out for special jobs at home involving these basic skills.
  3. Ask about her family; learn if she has to support her family – which is a good sign of reliable maid.
  4. Ask about past experience to know more about her professional career and expectations of her assistance at your place.
  5. How long she is planning to work in Singapore?

You may want to know that Jayamaids Maid Search will give you a list of Maids in Singapore with their full profiles including skills, health history, experience etc. that will greatly help you asses who is best for you. However, we still recommend you to list down the qualities you are looking for in your domestic helper in Singapore. Check out “Maid Skill Checklist” for additional information.

When you hire maid in Singapore seeking special skills like children care or elderly care, your job does not end after you hire the maid. Try to observe if your kids / elders are happy and comfortable with her. You may take a little extra time to inquire your kids as to how the maid is interacting with them in your absence. Always remind your kids to treat her with respect for a healthy and long time service from the best maid.

We at Jayamaids always strive hard to help you hire right maids in Singapore. Though unlikely to happen, should you wish to change your domestic helper for any reason after you hire her, don’t worry, we are here to assist you. Contact us any time to Hire Maids in Singapore – one of our friendly staff is awaiting to take your concerns.

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