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Having a Maid for Child Care, also called as a nanny is an age old practice in many cultures so as to ensure that the parents/families will have additional help for their growing children and they can also manage other important works. Hiring a Maid for Child Care in Singapore is becoming popular since two decades especially after both parents started working. With time, the role of nannies has transcended from an ordinary servant to the dominating presence in the child’s life.

Hence, it is very important that you chose a right maid to take care of your child, especially in your absence. Though part-time babysitters are also a growing trend since the recent past, a full- time Maid  has her own position as she not only takes care of the works related to the child but also takes care of the household according to the contract. May be this is the reason why most of our customers prefer to hire Maid having her own children back home, so that she has real life experience of infant/child care with her own children.

What can you expect from your Child Care Maid in Singapore?

  1. Communication: Child’s safety is a natural anxiety of any parents. Hence, communication is the most important part while dealing with a nanny. She has to understand your preferences, child’s life style, eating habits etc., and she also has to inform you about the child’s well being during your work hours every day so that you can concentrate on your routine.
  2. Cooking: Your Maid is not only responsible for the physical safety of your child but also health safety by cooking nutritious meals and snacks and performing hygiene related tasks. You can ask your maid whether she is skilled enough to prepare child’s food before you make a decision.
  3. House Hold works: Hiring a Maid in Singapore will help you get one maid to perform multiple tasks. Child Care Maids are also skilled enough to handle your routine household works such as cleaning, cooking, wash and iron cloths etc.,
  4. Emergency Care: Having your child attended by a single person (unlike in baby care centers – one nanny takes care of more than 10 children) is always helpful. You can give your doctor’s number, emergency helpline numbers to act in any unlikely event of emergency so that you can be assured proper care is taken on time.

Jayamaids being a noted Maid Agency in Singapore help parents to find the right Maid for Child Care in Singapore. In order to serve our customers better, we evaluate the Maids educational and cultural background, her experience and love for children, safety awareness and personal character traits. Childcare and guidance are instinctive qualities and there have been instances where child care maids have become an integral part of the family.

Should you wish to hire maid in Singapore for Child Care or to perform any other specific task, Call us Today or take a quick look at our exclusive Maid Search in Singapore database to select best maid for you. Click on the image of maid to load her full profile including information related to experience and skills.

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