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When you decide to hire maid in Singapore, you may have heard about a New Maid and a Transfer Maid during your initial research if you are hiring for the first time. Like us at Jayamaids, award winning Maid Agency in Singapore, lots of other agencies also offer both transfer maids and new maids. However, before you decide which maid is better for you, it is essential to know the difference between both.

New maids are helpers from overseas who come in Singapore for work for the first time. These new maids may or may not have experience (in most of the cases they have) in their home country. After getting some experience in Singapore, they are transferred from their current employer to another employer who is referred to as transfer maids.

In a simple meaning, new maids are new to Singapore who may or may not have experience while transfer maids have work experience in their home country as well as in Singapore. Generally, like we do at Jayamaids, Maid Agencies in Singapore provide a complete profile of the maids so that the employer will get clear information regarding the employment history, working pattern of a transfer maid etc.,

New Maid VS Transfer Maid

Hold on, out of our experience serving clients since years, this question is the most deviating question you will ask yourself before hiring a professional maid services in Singapore. But when you come across this question, you must consider a few important factors without reaching a pre-judgment.

  • The new maid has work experience in her home country? If yes, what are her skills?
  • Did the new maid undergo any training from Maid Agency in Singapore? If yes, collect a feedback from the agency or training centre.
  • What exactly do you want the maid to take care of at home? List the expectations / skills to check with the agency or maid.
  • Transfer maids will have adequate work experience in Singapore. Do you have access to the maids previous employment history?
  • Giving employment history of transfer maid is the responsibility of a maid agency in Singapore which we give utmost value. This is one of the major requirements of the MOM (Ministry of Manpower).

After you consider a few concerns above listed, before selecting a transfer maid or new maid, you should also consider the maid agency Singapore that provides the service and minimize your efforts. Having supplied domestic maids to over 20 agencies and to over 30,000 satisfied customers in Singapore, we are able to understand your specific requirements and are well equipped to provide you with the right candidate based on your needs. Having our own recruitment and training centers in Central Java (Cilacap) ensures that our domestic helpers are able to adapt to the local requirements in the shortest period of time. If you need our help throughout our service, we are happy to help you! Contact us any time!

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