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The increased demand for Maids in Singapore reveals that many families prefer hiring maids in Singapore for maintenance and upkeep of their house. For those who are not yet clear about hiring a maid service in Singapore, here are some reasons to hire maid services and few tips for finding the right Maid Agency in Singapore.

  • With busy schedules and hectic lives, it is impossible to focus on the household chores.
  • A house maid is trained, experienced and licenced to work at your place
  • Both, the employer and employee are protected with the rules of MOM.
  • You can hire maid services at your will and convenience, and the prices are pretty affordable too.
  • You can save time for better things and be assured that your house is in safe hands and cleaned to perfection.

How to find a best Maid Agency in Singapore?

1. Many agencies claim themselves as the best Maid Agency in Singapore. But do you just believe because they claim? Absolutely not. Best way is to talk around, get referrals and check their MOM scores.

2. Check the prices, compare with others. But hey, lowest price is not a landmark for best service. Sometimes, you may have to prefer experience and reliability over the price.

3. Talk to the customer service of Maid Agencies in Singapore. Check if they understand what you want to say and your expectations. You are the right person to see if they really understand and are able to provide what you are expecting.

4. Check reviews. As a customer, you have the right to know the background of a company. You can also seek a few client references or check their official social pages for reviews.

5. Talk about the recruitment process. A service must take special care about recruiting maid and cleaners. Since you would trust them with your home, it’s best to choose a company that stands for its reputation and complies with the rules of MOM.

6. Resolution / Service guarantee: If you are unhappy with the work, the company must provide assistance to solve the problem. In most of the cases, you can change the maids at no or minimal costs. Check their rate of transfers.

7. Last but not the least, check if they are licensed. That’s an important question for any service especially in Singapore because the industry is governed by the MOM.

At Jayamaids, we don’t speak ill about our competition to sell our service or we don’t call ourselves the best, we wait for our customers to say it during our service 🙂. ‘Our service speaks’ is our company’s philosophy, for which we always strive hard. Our customer satisfaction and referrals from existing customers is always encouraging us to continue what we do and what our agency believes in.

Thanks to all those customers who gave referred us as the best Maid Agency in Singapore to thousands of new customers. Our customers are our first priority followed by the Maids, who are face of our agency at your home.

Call today to find out more about our affordable fees and remarkable maids.

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