Life of a Maid in Singapore

When we think of Maids in Singapore or come across one, what we know about them is that they help families in Singapore, assisting in various household chores. It’s true that the household helper reduces domestic chores and stress on the employer, but it is equally important that her rights are protected and she gets a dignified life.

It is for this reason why Ministry of Manpower (MOM) had set several guidelines in the best interest of both Maids and the employer. It is true that there was a period, where maids were not receiving their proper remuneration and in certain cases, though a few were not well treated as they should be.

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Maids in Singapore come from different countries, working as Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW’s) in Singapore. Most of the maids in Singapore are from Indonesia, Philippines, and Malaysia etc. FDWs, being approved by the MOM are known to be reliable, and most of them are supporting their families back home, so they are very responsible towards the employer.

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At Jayamaids, we have our own screening process and training center meeting the recommendations of the MOM. This is an effort to protect the maids with their rights and encourage them to give their best to the employer.

Jayamaids is a certified maid agency in Singapore that can handle all your concerns and help you hire the best maid suitable for your requirements. You may call any of the three branches of Jayamaids to Hire Maid in Singapore.

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