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It is an easy task to hire maid in Singapore when you are aware of the official process, paper work and comply with the rules / recommendations of Ministry of Manpower. However, if you want to reduce your efforts and seek some external help to Hire Maids in Singapore, our expert team at Jayamaids is always there to help you.

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Like any other person who are concerned about the safety of their house and its related works, it is quite obvious that you may also have several questions about the maids you intend to hire. Though all the maids at Jayamaids are interviewed, background verified, trained according to industry / local standards, in order to inspire confidence about the maids you hire, their full details are kept for your thorough perusal.

Know your Maid through Exclusive Search Database:

Jayamaids brings to you the exclusive and frequently updated Maids in Singapore database so that you can select the right maid for you based on her skills and your requirement. The maids database consists of many details above frequently asked like cleaning cloths, licensing information and referrals, cooking etc.,

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If you are planning to Hire Maid in Singapore , we are here to help you find a suitable maid according to your preferences and also help you comply with all the rules set by MOM. Meanwhile, don’t forget to use our custom Maid Search in Singapore function to shortlist your maids or just call us directly at any of our branches.

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