How well do you know your maid?

Firstly of all, the fundamental question is, how important is it to know your maid and her detailed history? Does knowing more about the maid you are hiring or already hired helps you in any way? Certainly yes! At Jayamaids, we encourage our valued customers to ask all their questions before they hire maid in Singapore. Knowing your maid is not only helpful, but also is your right.

Her Health: Maids/Domestic helpers are hired to help you at domestic chores and make your life easy, get time for other important tasks such as profession or personal life. Hence, is it very important that the domestic helper is strong, healthy and energetic. Only then she can perform her tasks well in time without unwanted delays. By saying that, we don’t mean she can never fall ill. She is a human just like us, and she could fall ill any time. However, by knowing her health record, it gives you a picture and confidence that there are minimal changes of her falling sick.

When you check individual profiles on our exclusive Maid Search page, we give a detailed history of maids including her health history. Below is a quick look of health history.

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Skill Set & Experience: We can’t say that all maids have all the skills of house hold. But Most of the maids have most of the skills an average maid is expected to have. At Jayamaids, we give training to our maids and put our best efforts to train her in maximum aspects so that she performs her tasks at your place diligently.

We take the detailed skill sets and experience of maids at Jayamaids and the history is also kept available for you to read even before you decide to hire maid in Singapore.

What More? Well, this is not all. There are several other aspects you may have to be informed about. If you are planning to Hire Maid in Singapore and trying to understand few things, use our custom Maid Search in Singapore function to shortlist your maids or just call us directly to any of our branch.

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