Hiring a best Maid vs Making Best use of Maid in Singapore

None of us want to hire maid if you know that the maid is not ‘best’. But how many of us give a thought whether we can make best use of the maid services no matter who the maid is? Jayamaids, being one of the oldest and trusted maid agency in Singapore since decades, we understand that our customers want best maids in Singapore and we strive hard to meet the expectations of our customers. While we ensure that our trained maids in Singapore are well versed with almost all the household tasks, we learned out of our years of experience that the most successful maids are those who get specific and defined instructions from their employers.

So, how to make best use of your maid? follow these simple suggestions and trust us, your maid is going to be the best at her service.

  1. Give Specific instructions about tasks: As soon as the Maid joins to work, preferably on the first or second day, outline the tasks that you expect her to do: vacuuming, mopping, cleaning bathrooms, etc. Giving a detailed list / asking the maid to take notes if possible works best.
  2. Set expectations: Spend some time talking to her and let her know about expectations you have. For instance, going out everyday for work in specific timing may be very important for you, for which you need certain tasks are finished on time, make it very clear. If you dislike her engaging in long personal conversations on her phone while at work, you’re perfectly well within your rights to tell her to save it for later.
  3. Have a reasonable list: Most of the issues that arise between maids and employers are related to the work expectations. Understanding that the maid cannot be expected to do more than her fair share is very essential, as expecting more than reasonable human effort shall be avoided. Be reasonable, but do not feel guilty about making her do her assigned tasks, as you’re paying for it. At the same time, if the given task is finished early, complement her with some rest instead of giving an extra task just to fill in the hours. Maids double their respect when their efforts are recognized.
  4. Rotate tasks: Some tasks do not have to be done as often, for instance, cleaning windows, wiping blinds, polishing silver, etc. You may want to check if certain tasks can be rotated between different days. If you identify and name days for different things, like the bathrooms on Monday and Thursday, Mopping every second day etc., your maid will also find it easier to remember.
  5. Check the progress: Even if you are very happy with the maid, do not fail to check her performance at least once a day. Do a quick check of everything that should have been done. If you’re working and won’t be around when she comes, then communicate your concerns if any over the phone or leave her a note.
  6. Mistakes happen: It is just and fair to expect that no mistakes happen. However, your maid is not above human errors. But that shouldn’t be a reason for you to not speak up when you observe something being done wrong. Tell her in a polite, but non-accusing terms how you want things done. At Jayamaids, we train our maids how to receive employer’s complaints as feedback and make it basis to excel.

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