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There are several Maid Agencies in Singapore that are licensed by the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore. Track records and details of all these maid agencies are listed in the MOM website for the ease of employers. However, whom to hire from the available list is the crux of decision making and one may consider various factors while choosing the Best Maid Agency in Singapore.

At Jayamaids, one of the oldest and well known Maid Agencies in Singapore, we strive to deliver what our customers need. Many a times, you may not be sure of what type of maid is right for you, and what you should expect from the domestic helper. Just Relax, experienced and friendly staff at all the branches of Jayamaids are there to help you chose best maid according to your needs while making the paper work minimal.

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Easy Maid Search: Database of prospective maids that are recognized by the Ministry of Manpower is available in the exclusive Maid Search page. All you have to do is select your criteria or just click search maid with default selection to access full list of maids.  Needless to say the database gives you a detailed profile of each registered domestic helper. The search not only benefits the employer by offering list of ready to Hire Maids in Singapore but also helps you to check the skills of individual maids. For instance, you may want a maid who can cook Chinese Cuisines, take care of your children or elders at home, the information is available in the respective maid profile page.

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We know that a decision to Hire Maid in Singapore is not that easy, and consists of guidelines set by the concerned ministry. Take a breath, Jayamaids is a certified maid agency in Singapore that can handle all your concerns and help you hire the best maid suitable for your requirements. You may call any of the two branches of Jayamaids to Hire Maid in Singapore.

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