Hire Maid in Singapore: MOM rules, Maid Agency roles

Besides the importance of hiring a domestic helper who is the right fit for purpose you intend to hire her, there is also a list of paperwork and bureaucracy that accompanies the process of hiring maids in Singapore. Rules may slightly be different if the helper is entering Singapore for the first time unlike an experienced helper who is already in Singapore. You also need to fulfill the eligibility criteria in order to hire a maid in Singapore according to the MOM rules.

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When you want to ease your process of hiring and smoothly finish the paper work, it may be essential to rely on an employment agency like us; Jayamaids. To help you better understand all the guidelines set by MOM, we have our fully trained and friendly staff who can guide you throughout the process.

Apart from handling the initial paper work to hire a domestic helper, major advantage of hiring a Maid Agency in Singapore is when you describe your needs, we shortlist the candidates and schedule interview suitable candidates. When there are issues like renewing contracts, arranging home leave for your helper, and helping you find a replacement helper if your initial hire doesn’t work out (hey, it happens, very less likely though!), expert agents at us will assist you handle it with ease by reducing your efforts. Be assured, we take every possible measure to send you a right maid to reduce chances of replacement!

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Most Maid Service Companies will only hire people who are documented workers. Moreover, because you hire the company and not the individual worker, that can be an additional layer of protection for you.

Use our exclusive Maid Search functionality to search for your ideal maid now! We deliver quality helpers right to your doorstep and you can take care of remaining works.  Contact us today at any of our branches, one of our friendly staff will assist you!

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