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Being in this competitive industry that comprises of highest customer service and providing reliable domestic helpers, we at Jayamaids are always concerned about your specific needs. To hire maid in Singapore is not an easy task especially when you are new and unaware of paperwork. Moreover, we understand that you are leaving your lovely home to a maid whom you do not know personally, thus needs to be assured of several things.

To cater with your specific needs, we have our own Recruiting and Training Centers, based in Central Java. This is an initiative to train the domestic helpers to be able to adapt to our society as fast as possible! In this program, we train our certified maids, check their performance and understanding levels, expertness in performing particular task, update about legal formalities that they have to adhere at Singapore etc.,

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We know that you may sometimes feel you need a specially skilled person. That is why our consultation and counselling provides the guidance’s to meet your objectives. Throughout the contract, our counselors are there to take the unpleasant load off you. Even after you hire maid in Singapore, for any reasons if you need a change of maid, we are here to help you with ease! All maids in Singapore have a list of eligibility criteria that they have to provide on papers to the MOM.

You may also want to know that you, as an employer should meet the eligibility criteria to hire maid in Singapore. Having 21 years of age with a clean banking history, medically (mentally) fit, etc., are some of the major rules for you as an employer. For a brief on this, click here.

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While we encourage to be well informed about the MOM guidelines, as a value of your time, let Jayamaids, a certified maid agency in Singapore handle all your concerns and help you hire the best maid suitable for your requirements. You may call any of the two branches of Jayamaids to Hire Maid in Singapore.

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