Hire a Safe Maid in Singapore

When you hire a maid for the first time, though not required, you may still have little anxiety as to whether all your valuable belongings would be safe at home. Perhaps, that is the reason why our clients double checking of the safety in terms of skills in handling the work and also integrity, which we completely honor.

Jayamaids is a licensed Maid Agency in Singapore having our own training centers where we give a competitive training to all our maids. At Jayamaids , we always strive hard to protect our image of a leading and reputed Maid Agency in Singapore, hence we take every detail of our customers specifications.

We understand you also need the human touch and understanding. That is why our consultation and counselling provides the guidance’s to meets your objectives. Throughout the contract, our counselors are there to take the unpleasant load off you.

We have well trained counselors to help you compile with the necessary paper work. Do not forget to ask the current offers (if available) to take the full advantage of our service! Contact Jayamaids today to know more!

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