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Hiring maids in Singapore is not a difficult task when you are fully aware of the rules and regulations set by the Ministry of Manpower at the interest of Employer and Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW). We at Jayamaids, a well noted Maid Agency in Singapore always ensure that our clients meet the eligibility criteria to hire a FDW in Singapore. Let us brief you on the overall eligibility criteria for both; employer and FDW and process of hiring a FDW.

Employer Eligibility: As an employer, you need to meet the eligibility criteria set by MOM, before hiring a FDW. You must be 21 years old and above with a clean banking history (Not be an undischarged bankrupt). MOM will also consider your financial ability to hire, maintain and upkeep the FDW in an accommodation according to the standard guidelines.

You should not be diagnosed with any medical which can cause symptoms like severe memory lapses, confusion, emotional instability, progressive loss of mental ability, etc.

If you are planning to hire more than one Maid, MOM has a separate criteria to consider your application based on the proofs of necessity, affordability etc.,

FDW eligibility: According to the MOM eligibility criteria, FDW needs to be between 23-50 years of age, shall only be from an approved source country or territory and with a minimum 8 years of formal education with a recognised certificate. However, FDWs above 50 years old can only renew their work permits until they reach 60 years old.

Apart from this basic criteria, there are also other factors such as the Maid should not be your relative, she should comply with separate paper work if she is a first time FDW, security bonds / insurances of maid etc., Contact Jayamaids any time for a detailed counselling of the rules for hiring a FDW in Singapore.

Security bond & Medical Insurance requirements for FDW:

You need to buy a security bond of up to $5000 for your helper, unless she is Malaysian. This is a pledge to pay government if you break the law or conditions governing the employment of FDW.  You can buy the bond at any bank or insurance company. You need to buy the bond and medical insurance (covering at least $15000 per annum for inpatient and day surgery during her stay) before the helper arrives in Singapore.

Below are some more essentials that you have to fulfill before hiring a FDW in Singapore:

  • Pre-employment medical examination for FDW
  • Six-monthly medical examination (6ME) for FDW
  • Employers’ Orientation Programme (EOP) if you are hiring maid for the first time.
  • Send a first-time FDW for the Settling-In Programme (SIP) when she arrives in Singapore.

Well, we know that it could be a tough task for you (especially if you are a first time employer) to read and ensure that you do not miss any rules set by MOM. Take a breath, Jayamaids is a certified maid agency in Singapore that can handle all your concerns and help you hire the best maid suitable for your requirements. You may call any of the two branches of Jayamaids to Hire Maid in Singapore.

Please note: This article is only a ‘brief of certain important’ list of guidelines but not the full checklist. We encourage you to talk to one of our friendly staff for a detailed knowledge about the MOM guidelines, or read on the MOM website directly to learn more. Be informed that the Guidelines of MOM may change any time.

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