Do it yourself or Hire Maid in Singapore?

Who would not want to personally spend time in making/cleaning their home the way they want it to be? But, in this growing busy life, there are only a few who can really afford to spend so much of time in cleaning etc., in most of the cases, not all can do it all alone for a long time. You may need at least one more family member to share the work.

This is exactly where you feel the necessity of hiring a maid in Singapore which is reliable and offers best service. Unless you enjoy cleaning your house and having an anxiety of trusting external help, Maid Service in Singapore is the best option you shall consider. To remove your anxieties if any, you should trust your guts and ask questions; we are happy to address all your concerns!

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Before you decide whether to do it yourself of to hire a maid agency in Singapore, you shall work on an important aspect; namely ‘listing down expected services’. Yes, that will help you get an instant answer whether or not you need a maid service at all. The advantage of hiring a maid service is that you will get a back-up in case your current maid falls sick or goes on a few days of leave.

Few Questions to list down:

  1. What skills should the maid have – cooking, cleaning, laundry
  2. What languages she should understand
  3. Does she need to have any specific skill such as child care or elderly care
  4. Part time or Full time
  5. List of daily chores – this will enable you to think whether it is practically possible without a maid
  6. Budget for maid – budget is a very important aspect. At Jayamaids, we value your money and deliver services you feel worth.

What More? If you are planning to Hire Maid in Singapore and trying to understand few things, use our custom Maid Search in Singapore function to shortlist your maids or just call us directly to any of our branch.

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