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hire maids in singaporeForeign Domestic Maids in Singapore are commonly seen across many homes in Singapore. The majority of maids working in Singapore are from the Philippines and Indonesia. Foreign Maids, who reside at the work place have become part of domestic management. Having maids in Singapore has become almost a necessity for groups like working parents who has children left unsupervised at home or have elderly people who too need supervision.

If you are living in Singapore since at least few years, its likely that you are aware of protocols to follow when hiring maids. Foreign maids need to meet the eligibility and should be hired only with proper paper work. However, if you are hiring a local Singaporean, male or female, to assist with your household chores, you may not need to meet the MOM protocols. However, be informed that there are also recorded cases of people who unknowingly hired maids who claim to be Singaporean, but are not, ended up with huge penalties. It is illegal for a foreign maid to work outside of their designated place of employment.

The application process for a foreign maid can take from days to weeks, depending on whether the maid you have selected has the relevant documentations, such as her passport, ready. The person whom you are hiring as a maid should also not be in Singapore for any reason before the Ministry of Manpower gives her an in-principle approval.

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