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hire maid in singaporeBenefit, Trust, Safety and Assurance to both our Maids and Customers are essential factors in the Industry. We always value our maids across the contexts, our client satisfaction is of our highest importance.  Both the company policies are driving us and continuing to make Jayamaids a reliable Maid Agency in Singapore.Client referrals make up 80% of our new business and it is a proof that treating domestic helpers fairly is the best way.

Most maid agencies urge employers not to allow their domestic helpers to have a cell-phone or days off. Some maids were even ordered to have the short ‘tomboy’ hairstyle.

As a result, there were many runaway maids. Their employers ended up having to pay the outstanding amount. When they got a new maid, the cycle would likely be repeated.

It was worse in 2006. Then, it was industry practice to change an employer only $1 and get the maid to pay the placement and agency fee of $1,800.

Jayamaids started offering a maid at a reasonable fee. We also negotiated for her to be able to use her cell-phone after working hours and to have at least one day off every month.

Our maids were very committed and many renewed their contracts even upt 10 years. With our own recruitment and training centres in Cilacap, Java, we at Jayamaids also get to know the maid’s family, making our relationship even more personal, thus giving us a chance to learn more details about the maids.

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Do not forget that we’ve just announced latest offer of 12 Months Installment *(Agency fees included), 0% Interest and personalized special offers depending on your specific requirements.

Please refer to our policies, promotions, documentation carefully before signing the contracts. Please ask our staff to help understand any policies, we are more than happy to help. All our promotional offers are subject to availability on the date of contract. Jayamaids reserves the right to alter any offer, with or without notice.

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