Before you hire a maid in Singapore

A decision of hiring maid comes up after several circumstances that encourage you to seek external help. Finding the right maid is a crucial decision that should only be made after carefully considering several factors. After all, you are inviting another person into your house and even leave them when you’re away. Hence, almost every employer’s first concern becomes the trust worthiness of the maids and the maid agencies that help you hire the maid.

Let us see observe those important things to consider before you start searching for maids or a maid agency. The best way to determine your specifications is to ask yourself a few key questions. Please note, as we are a maid agency in Singapore, our advices are for based on the Sinagpore Maid Search concerns meeting the MOM guidelines.

  1. What kind of work do you need the maid to do? In other words you have to estimate the skills you want in your maid so as to meet your requirement. Making a list of such skills will make sure you won’t miss anything at the time of hiring. This workout will help you understand if you may require more than one maid, which happens quite often especially when you have multiple tasks for maids like child care, elderly care at the same time.

  2. Payments: It is true that we may not value the work we are expecting from a maid, but you have to assess how much you can afford to pay. If this is your first time of hiring and unsure of market standards, you may either ask a friend of seek advice from your maid agency. This helps you a lot in planning your budgets in the coming days

  3. Concerns on Maid Skills: Anyone can only minimize the risk, but no one can ‘assure’ of a second person’s abilities- only you have to experience it. However, it is quite natural to have several concerns before hiring. If you are hiring a maid who is already working and experienced, you may ask references about the skills of the maids. However, in Singapore, all maids are certified by the Ministry of Man power (MOM) and are thoroughly verified by us, the maid agency. In case of Jayamaids, we take every care that we are helping our clients with the right man power in all aspects. Ask us any number of doubts – we are happy to help.
  4. Complete Information about the maid: You have every reason to know full details about the maid. Generally, employers ask the maid to fill out an application form containing all pertinent personal information. But in Singapore, we at Jayamaids do this for you. All the maid profiles are readily available on our website under “Maid Search” where you may choose skills of your maid and also check individual maid profiles.
  5. Choosing a reliable maid agency in Singapore: Choosing a reliable maid agency is a very essential aspect when you hire maid in Singapore. While we reserve talking about the competition, here is what we offer
  • Recruitment of Indonesian maids
  • Work permit application for maids
  • Purchase of Banker’s Guarantee & insurance for maids
  • Direct hiring
  • Home leave processing
  • Renewal of passport & work permit
  • Free cancellation of work permit
  • Arrangement of air ticket
  • Lowest placement fee
  • No minimum usage
  • No food & lodging

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