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Ministry of Manpower has standard guidelines to both; employers and Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) to avoid/minimize legal/financial liability on each other. Hence, it is very essential to be updated about such guidelines and comply with them as an employer. Below are such guidelines you may want to have a quick look to ensure you are not missing anything important. At Jayamaids, one of the most preferred Maid Agency in Singapore, we give all our clients a detailed counseling about the updated MOM rules.

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Medical & Accidental Insurance: FDW employers are required to buy medical insurance with a minimum sum assured of at least $15,000 per year. This covers hospitalization and surgery expenses. This is a compulsory purchase for all the employers according to the MOM guidelines.

The Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) should also be included (or may take separately) to provide a lump sum compensation to the FDWs or her legal heir in case of permanent disability or loss of life due to an accident. The current minimum amount of accidental insurance of $40,000 will be increased to $60,000 from 1 October 2017.

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Six-monthly medical examination (6ME): You must send your domestic Helper for a medical screening every six months. This medical examination screens must be performed by a Singapore-Registered doctor. This screening shall also include pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis, HIV and tuberculosis etc.,

As the employer, you must pay for the 6ME and any other medical expenses arising from it. However, the medical treatment covered under the insurance is taken care by the insurance agency.

Paying the Salary:  Good service ,performance and loyalty must be rightly compensated. Most of the FDWs in Singapore work to help their families back home. So, you are not only paying your domestic helper, but also helping her family indirectly. You have to pay her salary within 7 days of the end of month either by Bank transfer/check or in cash. You are required to manage all records (specially in cash) and submit on demand to the MOM.

For more details on Paying Salaries, read this simple guide by MOM.

Employer may be debarred: Be informed that we all have dignity of labor end of the day! Hence, in following conditions, MOM reserves the right to debar you from employing an FDW.

  • Abuse of an FDW.
  • Exploiting or ill-treating an FDW e.g. not paying her salary or not providing her with adequate food and rest.
  • Instructing an FDW to perform tasks that compromise her safety, health or dignity.
  • Illegal employment or deployment of an FDW

Well, this is not all. There are several other aspects you have to be informed about. If you are planning to Hire Maid in Singapore and trying to understand the rules, permits and paper works involved, take a breath and contact us. Use our custom Maid Search in Singapore function to shortlist your maids or just call us directly to any of our branch.

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