Why approach Maid Agency in Singapore?

Lot of Employers out there often has this question whether to hire a professional Maid Agency in Singapore or directly hire a Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW). While its purely your decision to hire directly or through a Maid Agency In Singapore, here is what we have to say:

Maid agencies in Singapore provide you with a professional and comprehensive service in maid recruitment and employment. A maid agency saves you a lot of effort in maid training, work permit application, security bond, insurance, travel arrangement, immigration clearance, medical screening, etc. According to the Ministry of Man Power of Singapore, it is mandatory to hire an FDW only when she meets the Eligibility Criteria set by the Ministry.

hire maids in singaporeIf you are planning to hire an FDW on your own without an agency help, we encourage you to read the rules of MOM thoroughly so as to reduce any risk. For first time employer, it is compulsory to attend the Employers Orientation Program (EOP) as required by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) which can be done online.

You should be aware that is a monthly levy to be paid to the Government for expat employers. The levy charges will start on the 5th day from the date of arrival of the helper. The work permit of the helper may be revoked should the employer fail to pay the monthly levy.

If you are planning to Hire Maid in Singapore and trying to understand the rules, permits and paper works involved, take a breath and contact us. We are here to help you find a suitable maid according to your preferences and also help you comply with all the rules set by MOM. Don’t worry about the paper work or an insurance or skills of maids. Use our custom Maid Search in Singapore function to shortlist your maids or just call us directly to any of our branch.

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